“Come!Sit here。Luo Yi is a bit headstrong,Did you upset you??”As soon as Luo Jun entered the door, he pulled Xia Jian and sat on the sofa。
This makes Xia Jian a little confused,This family’s approach is really confusing。But they let him sit,He has no reason for not sitting。
“No”Xia Jian said and sat on the sofa。
Luo Jun smiled,I personally made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and brought it over,Then he handed it to his hand and said:“Luo Yi’s mother died early,So this kid is very rebellious。Because I married a little wife,So I don’t want to see you,It’s rare that her old man can see you”
“It’s my fault,Let Grandma Luo get hurt,But there are no more problems”Xia Jian smiled and said。
Luo Jun laughed and said:“Okay young man,I do not blame you。The lumbar spine of the elderly is an old problem,Dislocated at every turn a few years ago,Just go to the hospital。She may think you have a good character,Deliberately leaning on you”
When Xia Jian heard this, he suddenly realized。He hehe smiled,Take a sip of tea。It seems that Luo Jun is bold and unrestrained,I told her about her family as soon as we met。
“Hey!young people,Are you familiar with Gu’s family?”Luo Jun suddenly changed the topic,I asked about Xia Jian。
Xia Jian sighed,He explained to Luo Jun from beginning to end the matter he had rescued Gu Yue on the highway a few years ago。Then it came to him this timeGZthe goal of。
Luo Jun,Haha smiled and said:“I realized at first glance that you are not an ordinary person,But my daughter is too willful。Don’t be angry,But i can tell you,To keep my daughter with her,You are still the first”
“It’s not that I’m so bullied。The other is because of me,She called Grandma Luo several times,She is trying to get revenge on me”Xia Jian found that Luo Jun was bold,So he is not afraid,I said everything I thought。
Luo Jun,Haha smiled and said:“What you said is,But not all right。You will understand next,It’s just my daughter’s routine,Always weird,I can’t think of it”
“Nothing,Anyway, I promised Grandma Luo,Only stay with her for three days。If Grandma Luo’s waist is okay for these three days,,Pay attention later,Generally there will be no problems”Xia Jian stopped here when he said that。What he meant was,I only insist on three days。
Luo Jun understood what Xia Jian meant when he heard it,He smiled and said:“You misunderstood Luo Yi,She has such a temper,Actually treat people well inside。Get used to,You know she is also a strong woman on the outside”
“Ha ha!The more I ignore her,The more she made fun of me”Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,Can’t help but blurt out。
Luo Jun suddenly lowered his voice and said:“So you have to be strong”Luo Jun finished,Laughed。Xia Jian is really funny,How come this family looks like this,It’s really fun。