Chen Xiu trembled,I immediately thought about Wang Zilin!
Since Liao Wen died,Chen Xiu asked Huang Nanguo to rescue Wang Zilin,It was only later learned that the person who imprisoned Wang Zilin was dead.,But Wang Zilin also lost track。
Since this time,Chen Xiu has been asking Huang Nanguo to continue searching for Wang Zilin’s whereabouts,It’s just that every time I get a result, I’m still looking for it。
Among the many women Chen Xiu knew,Who is his favorite,Sometimes he doesn’t even know,But whoever makes him miss the most,It must be Wang Zilin, no doubt。
“you……You really can……Can count her there?”Chen Xiu tremblingly said。
Actually, he already believes,After all, not many people know about him and Wang Zilin,Gu Rimou actually knew about Wang Zilin’s existence。
“of course!”
Gu Rimou said confidently:“Stargazing,This is my unspoken mystery。But because of the leak,Easiest,The heavy caster will be punished by the sky thunder,The lighter one has five years of life。
So,The mystery of stargazing,Easily unusable!
If you are willing to take your Dragon Tiger Mountain《Plum blossomXCalculate》Bet with me,I’m worth the risk!”
《Plum blossomXCalculate》It is a secret technique that can only be seen by the head of Longhushan,Even Zhang Haishan couldn’t even see。
of course,These are the rules set by the ancestors of Longhushan,After Yi Zhixing died,Chen Xiu became the head,As for whether it can be watched by others,That’s what Chen Xiu said。
“it is good,I’ll bet with you!”