Character analysis of the prototype event of “Wrestling Dad” The true story is like this?
“Wrestling Dad” is a very popular movie recently, and it is a miracle. After all, from the beginning, no one thought that this Indian movie would be hot, but the facts explained everything. After the movie was hot, many netizensI am very curious about the prototype event of “Wrestling Dad” and the prototype of the character?Here is the secret for you.Prototype of “Wrestling Dad”:    This movie is based on the real family story of Indian wrestler Mahavira Singh Perga, and his eldest daughter Gita himself is also very beautiful.  Mahavira’s daughter Geeta Phogat is the first female athlete to win a wrestling championship in Indian sports history and the first female wrestler to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games. She won the 2010 Commonwealth Games Women’s Wrestling 55The champion of the kilogram competition.  As for Gita’s opponent in the movie, Angelina Watson, whose actor is Louisa Porogovska, also won a 55 kg bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  The prototypical characters and events of this movie are quite inspirational. I strongly recommend you to enjoy them.

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