People’s Network Changsha November 12th, for the implementation of the "Three High and Sixth New" strategy, pushing "three strong" construction, China Bank Hengyang Branch according to the "Guidance of Green Low Carbon Development in Hunan Province" on Financial Support, Big green financial supply, November 11th, the behavior of Hengyang local new energy development enterprises issued "green loans" 40.6 million yuan, support enterprises to achieve green transformation development.

The new energy development company is a new energy source year of Hengyang, a 2,400-ton diofluorosulfonimide, known as the lithium battery industry. Project-developed diofluorosulfonimide lithium relies on the additive or core solute, can greatly improve the cycle performance and magnification performance of the battery.

After putting into production of this project, the company’s prolofluorosulfonimide lithium production capacity will reach the top three in the country. After the Bank Hengyang Branch learned the financing demand of enterprise projects, he immediately opened the green channel, docked on the newspaper, planning, and made a loan basis. In order to ensure the loan compliance, the leadership of China Bank Hengyang Branch leads a number of enterprises in-depth investigation, and understanding the project, the project financing needs, etc., and combines the enterprise project to develop the most Excellent mellow investment plan, high efficiency completion of the project, and distribute "green loans" 40.6 million yuan, support the new energy development of the company to achieve green transformation.

Since this year, China Bank Hengyang Branch focuses on the key projects, industrial parks, urban infrastructure, small and medium-sized enterprises, rural rejuvenation, emerging industries, clean energy and green environmental protection areas, a set of guidelines, a list Information conduction mechanism, a project, a set of team service responsibility mechanisms " Relationship, comprehensively enhance the ability of the service entity economy and help Hengyang local economic and social development. (Peng Sichun) (Editor: Li Shujing, Tang Li Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.