“Zhao Donglin,We are here to talk,Don’t interrupt me“Zheng Dalong choked Mr. Zhao,Xia Jian only knew,He turned out to be Zhao Donglin,When he signed some payment slips,Have seen this person’s name。
Xia Jian ignored Zheng Dalong,But continue to ask Jing Xindao, the manager of the engineering department:“Did you try the engineering team here?,And this signed contract,Has it been modified on the original basis?“
Zheng Dalong saw Xia Jian chasing after the incident,Can’t help but roar a little angry:“President Xia,I’m leading at this time,It has nothing to do with Manager Zhang“
“Zhang Xin!As the top person in charge of the engineering department,I didn’t expect to be swayed by others,Go back and transfer your work to Deputy Manager Mao,Waiting for the group to deal with you“Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Zhang Xin’s face suddenly changed,He glanced at Zheng Dalong with a bit of resentment,Turn around and go。Zheng Dalong sees it,Stood up immediately,He shouted:“Xia Jian!You are too much!Startups can have today,Could it be you alone,I, Zheng Dalong, did not just bring in an engineering company,Who is this job for??“
“Mr. Zheng,Don’t yell at me here,Zhao Donglin’s engineering company owes migrant workers more than four months of wages,Do you know this?and also,Our Jiye founding group promised the mayor,In the projects we develop,Project payment in arrears,Nothing can happen“Xia Jian word by word,Very cold talk。
Zheng Dalong’s forehead was soaked with sweat,He accompany carefully:“I asked them to rectify this matter immediately,Immediately reissue the wages of migrant workers owed“
“late,This engineering company immediately withdrew from here,The wages owed to the migrant workers are deducted from the security deposit they have paid,And you, Mr. Zheng,Dare to modify our contract terms,Tell Mr. Xiao about this yourself,But from tomorrow,You don’t need to go to work for now?“Xia Jian said decisively。
Zheng Dalong saw Xia Jian not eating soft or hard,He suddenly became angry,He slapped him on the table,Shouted sharply:“You have no right to tell me this,Let Mr. Xiao tell me“
Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up immediately,I grabbed the phone on the desk and called Old Xiao,One call,He took what happened here,I told Lao Xiao every word,Old Xiao finished listening,Let Xia Jian call Zheng Dalong to answer the phone。
Zheng Dalong took the call from Xia Jian with a look of disdain,I only heard him say something:“Mr. Xiao!“I never heard him say a word。
When I hang up,His face is pale,Sweaty,The steps are also a bit messy。Back to seat,Zheng Dalong let out a long breath,Said to Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia!I was wrong just now,Shouldn’t be angry at you,I did this,I will be responsible“
“Ok!Let them evacuate this afternoon,I’ll let another engineering company in tomorrow“Xia Jian said,Stood up,Turn around and walk away。
Zhao Donglin now knows that Xia Jian is great,He ignores everyone watching him,He stepped in front of Xia Jian,He raised his slap and slapped his mouth and said:“President Xia!sorry,I can’t speak with this mouth,Upset you,I will pay the workers immediately“
“You are not a problem,But there is a problem in my heart“Xia Jian pointed to Zhao Donglin’s chest and said。
Zheng Dalong shook his head so angry,Shouted at Zhao Donglin:“Don’t hinder President Xia’s affairs,He is busy,You hurry up and organize people,Repay these migrant workers“
Xia Jian walking to the door,Suddenly turned around again,He said seriously to Dragon Ball:“Here you supervise me,Besides, please call Mr. Wang,Let the legal manager leave today afternoon“
Every word of Xia Jian,Like a knife in Zheng Dalong’s heart,After answering Mr. Xiao’s call,The sweat on his face kept running。
When Xia Jian’s car left Nanyuan,Which migrant workers surrounded,Saying thankful words to him。Looking at the unsophisticated smiling faces,Xia Jian laughed from the heart。