Fuming and look at Murong Qingling“Is there a problem?”
“I。。。I have a request,I don’t know if you agree”
“No matter what,You speak first,I’m considering whether to agree or not”Fuming smiled and said。
“I hope you can join Murong’s family”
Fuming and look at Murong Qingling“This one。。。I’m afraid I won’t agree,I won’t stay long in Tarot City,I’m going to Bailian Academy,Find me a friend”。
Murong Qingling was disappointed,Still want to speak,But it was stopped by Murong,Fuming has not refused them,Continue to ask questions will only make everyone unhappy。
No wonder Murong Qingling is impatient,After all, in terms of her current situation with Murong’s family,She is too eager for strong fresh blood to join Murong’s family。
Fuming also wanted Murong Qingling to ask about the situation in Tarot City,There are three major forces in Tarot City‘Murong House’‘Yunjia’And the person in charge of Tarot City。
Only when Murong Qingling said that the original person in charge of Tarot City was suddenly replaced a few days ago,Fuming pays attention,After all, the person in charge was replaced just a few days after the accident in the deserted forest。
This incident made him vigilant,After all, this matter has too much to do with him,Now I suddenly feel that the decision to go to Tarot City is a bit hasty。
“You said you are going to Bailian Academy?”Murong Qingling asked。
“Yes,Is there a problem?”
“Don’t get me wrong,When we get to the place,The enrollment period of Bailian College is still three days,During these three days, Mr. Ye, you might as well go to our Murong’s house for a little stay,Wait until you start enrolling”Murong Qingling also has some small abacus in his heart,She only hopes to keep Ye Fuming in these three days。