c. how much money did Romes Neymar Beckham get ins advertising revenue during the epidemic?
C Romesine Mare Beckham ins how much money ins advertising income during the epidemic during the epidemic, a large number of players have to accept a salary reduction, Ronaldo is no exception.But by bringing goods on social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo successfully generated 2.1 million euros for himself.Research institutions reached statistics from March 12th to May 14th. Ins advertising revenue of sports stars, C Ronaldo ranked first in this statistics.  During the isolation period, Ronaldo posted a total of 4 advertisements on Ins, with a total revenue of 2.1 million euros.C Ronaldo received about 520,000 Euros per ad!This stems from Ronaldo’s strong appeal on Ins. He has more than 2 billion followers, no less than 5 million likes per dynamic, and more than 10 million video views.  During the outbreak, Messi also posted 4 advertisements on Ins, with a total revenue of 1.5 million euros, 600,000 euros less than Ronaldo.The total revenue of four advertisements in Neymar is 1.3 million euros.Three advertisements were issued during the Beckham epidemic, which totaled 450,000 euros. Original title: Cristiano Ronaldo brought 2.1 million euros in INS during the epidemic situation!Messine Mare 2-3

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