Why Japan has 83.1% of people said, “I’m going to work if I’m sick”
People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, February 24th. According to “ITmedia Business Online”, how many people in Japan 青岛夜网 have been sick for work?According to a survey by the employment support service website “WORKPORT”, there were 83.1% replied that they had been sick at work, only 16.9% said they didn’t go to work when they were sick.Slight fever at 37 ℃, should I ask for leave?Asked about 83.The reason why 1% of people go to work with illness is to get the answer: “The company has a small number of workers and uses a shift system. If you take leave, people who should have taken a rest will go to work, which will cause trouble for others.”The job is a person-in-charge system. If you take the leave yourself, the job will stagnate. “Etc. The lack of manpower and the inability to find someone to replace the two are particularly noticeable.”WORKPORT” said: “It can be trimmed from the survey results. Now many companies using shifts are just barely meeting 深圳桑拿网 the number of people. Once someone is absent, work stops and stops.At the same time, answers from “the company does not recognize sick leave arithmetical paid leave”, “sick absence from work will leave a bad impression on the personnel department”, “the boss rejected the leave request” and other answers can be trimmed, because the system of sick leave has not yet formedEnvironment, many people have to attend sick with illness.Assuming a normal body temperature of 36 ° C, to what extent does the illness meet the company’s leave requirements?There were 53 people who answered “38 ° C high fever”.5%, ranking first, followed by “37 ° C micro-burn” (21.0%), “no fever but cold, fatigue symptoms” (14.8%), “High fever above 39 ° C” (5.8%), “No leave” (4.9%).“WORKSHOP” said: “More than 60% of the companies did not allow high fever above 38 ° C to take leave, and most people“ will not take leave ”.the result of.”(Compilation: Liu Geng Reviewer: Chen Jianjun)