Measure how good you are being bullied

How high is your good-to-be deceived index?

  Question: If you go online to meet a friend, when you ask the other person out, which one of the other person’s shortcomings is the most unbearable for you to make you flash?


He is too fat or too short.


Talking about temperament is too vulgar.


His face is too ugly.


No legitimate industry.


Too young or too old.

  Psychological analysis: 1.

Choose[Too fat or too short]who is easy to forgive others, be careful to let people bully you.

Your index of being kind and deceived is 55%: This type of person is too soft-hearted, and does not avenge resentment. Sometimes being too kind to others is actually cruel to oneself. Although he has always forgiven the enemy, the enemy will find an opportunity after knowing his weaknessBully him again, and worse than once.


Choose[Talk about temperament too vulgar]You who do not want to be a black face are often bullied by people as soft persimmons.

Your goodness and deceit index is 80%: This type of person values peace. He doesn’t like the feeling of confrontation and conflict. Although he has a temper, but in order to make everyone happy, he can bear it, but he can bear it.The result of reluctant tolerance makes everyone bully him.


Choose[face looks too ugly]You who are sad and pitiful, as long as the other party is pretending to be poor, you will be willing to take advantage.

Your index of being kind and deceived is 99%: This type of person is very compassionate in the heart and has a broad-minded heart. Many things think that losing is just taking advantage. Although everyone thinks he is stupid, from another perspective, he is doingEveryone sees a lot of good things.


Choose[without a proper industry]If you have principles, whoever dares to bully you, you will protect yourself in a timely manner.

Your index of being kind and deceived is 40%: This type of person has his own persistence and principles. There are many things that he can do well, but he has certain principles. If someone steps on him, he willWill explode.


Choosing[Too young or too old]You are simply a ruthless character who is bullying others.

Your index of being good and deceived is 10%: This type of person is very competitive and therefore hates those who are not motivated and not serious.